Prepare your Shopp for the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season leading up to Christmas is one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. eMarketer and the National Retail Federation both predict positive e-commerce growth this year! Don’t miss out on these sales in your online store.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your Shopp-powered webshop running fast!

Get your WordPress into Shape

Setup a Backup Routine for your WordPress

Backing up is important. You never know when a plugin could cause an issue on your site and take your store offline. The same applies for theme updates.

Here is a guide for a manual backup:

There are also some plugins that can make this process easier. We’ve heard good things about Duplicator and recommend Backup Buddy.

Update your WordPress core, Theme, and Plugins

The next step is to update your WordPress core, theme, and plugins. Keeping your site updated will make sure that you have the latest fixes applied (security & performance).

Remove any Plugins that are not Necessary

Every plugin that is install on your site adds a burden to the site resources. Therefore, it makes sense to run your site with the least amount of plugins needed.

Get your Shopp Ready

Use File System Storage or Amazon S3

File System Storage and Amazon S3 are both faster than database storage and use less resources. If you have images stored in your database, you should migrate them to File System Storage immediately.

Cleanup Shopp Catalog

Do you have old products in your store or products that needed updating? Now is the time to make those revisions. Take this time to also add more product images.

Cleanup and Schedule Shopp Promotions

Go to Shopp Promotions and remove any old promotions that are no longer needed. Then create new promos and schedule them to run according to your needs.

Note that Shopp allows multiple promotions to be used. If you have many promo codes, then a customer could receive a large discount. You can limit promotions via Shopp Store Preferences.

Additional Ideas

Add a Content Delivery Network

A CDN works by delivering static files from servers that are located close to your customers. This reduces the load on your website server and speeds up your site. We use and recommend MaxCDN.

Email your Customers about Holiday Specials

We’ve written several email marketing integrations for Shopp. Services include Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Contactology, and Sendloop. You can grab one of these email marketing plugins for free. We even have a tutorial that will show you how to retrieve current customers and add them to an email list.

Make it Easy for your Customers to Purchase

We recommend asking several friends or colleagues that aren’t familiar with your site to try to buy something from your site. You may discover that a certain areas of your site are confusing and you’ll have the opportunity to correct it before the holiday rush.

Other ideas:

  • Setup multiple payment gateways and set the most popular option (according to your sales) as the default option
  • Busy shoppers are motivated by “Free Shipping.” Could this work for your store?
  • Check your site with a free WordPress speedtest and get additional tips on making it faster!

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Prepare your Shopp for the Holiday Shopping Season

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Prepare your Shopp for the Holiday Shopping Season