+ Extensions for Shopp Now Have Their Own Menu

We’ve spent the past few days making changes to our Shopp + Extensions. The biggest change is that they have been moved out of the Shopp menu and into their own menu:

+ Extensions for Shopp Now Have Their Own Menu

Summary of Changes to Shopp + Extensions

The Start Here page for Shopp + Extensions provides information on our projects, links to Shopp resources, and pulls in blog posts from both Optimize My Shopp and Shopp 101.

We have removed all the walk-through videos for each plugin since these were rarely viewed.

Email marketing plugins received a link to our tutorial on how to generate a list of existing customers who have opted in to email marketing. This is useful if you are adding an email marketing integration to an existing store.

We’ve also fixed some issues related to grammar.

Reminder of Support Policy

We provide complementary support for our plugins.

As our portfolio of plugins grows, we need to make sure that we can provide enough support resources. Our plugins for Shopp may still work with older versions of Shopp 1.1.x and 1.0.x. However, we require a current version of Shopp for any support requests. At this time, that is version 1.2.5 or newer.

Requests for how to change existing plugins are not included in complementary support. This is considered a request for consulting.

The same applies to requests for how to create new plugins for Shopp. Unfortunately, we can’t create your plugin for you for free. This is also a consulting request.

If you have found our extensions helpful, then feel free to contribute by makingdonation through the Shopp Help Desk or even better, joining my latest Shopp project as a member today.

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+ Extensions for Shopp Now Have Their Own Menu