Add Product Images to the Shopp Cart and Checkout Pages

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to add cart images to our cart & checkout pages. This will help customers “see” the specific items that are in their cart.

You’ll need to have Shopp templates enabled.

Go to WP-admin –> Shopp Setup –> Presentation. If templates are already enabled, you’ll see a checkmark for templates. If you do not see this, then follow the instructions for setting them up.

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How to Show More than 20 Products in the Shopp Products Manager

By default the Shopp Products Manager (WP-admin –> Shopp Catalog –> Products) displays 20 products on a page. The next set of products are then “paginated.” You can use the following URL to adjust the number of products shown on a page:

Note: should be changed your site URL and “123″ should be changed to the number of products that you want shown.

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Customize the Thesis Theme for Shopp

In this post, we’ll learn how to set up the Thesis theme with Shopp. For this tutorial we’ll be using Thesis 1.85 which powers this website.

When Thesis is activated on a WordPress site with Shopp, the product pages will appear with extra elements.

We can see that there are certain elements that appear such as the author, date, comments, and more. This makes the product page look like a blog post. We’ll continue this tutorial to remove those elements.

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How to Setup Facebook Conversion Tracking with Shopp

In this post we’ll take a look at getting Shopp running with Facebook conversion tracking. This works by using a conversion pixel which fires after a successful checkout on the Shopp thanks page.

You’ll need an FTP client to complete this tutorial. We recommend the Transmit FTP client which is available for the Mac. If you aren’t using a Mac, then try FileZilla is an alternative option.

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Setup the clixGalore Conversion Code to work with Shopp

clixGalore is an affiliate network that you can setup with Shopp. Adding an affiliate program to your Shopp online store is an easy way to grow your marketing and increase sales. In this post, we’ll show you how to configure Shopp to work with clixGalore.

The clixGalore code is a conversional pixel that fires after a specific event has taken place. Similar to other affiliate programs for Shopp, this code should be setup to run after a successful checkout on the Shopp thanks page.

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A Checklist for Upgrading from Shopp 1.0.x and Shopp 1.1.x to Shopp 1.2.x

To take advantage of the latest features and performance, you’ll need to be running a current version of Shopp. If you are using Shopp 1.0.x or Shopp 1.1.x, then you are missing out. Additionally, the Shopp Help Desk supports a current version of Shopp and one version prior. In this post, we’ll share a checklist for upgrading from an old version of Shopp to 1.2.x.

Here is the recommended upgrade path:

Shopp 1.0.x –> Shopp –> Shopp 1.2.x

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+ Extensions for Shopp Now Have Their Own Menu

We’ve spent the past few days making changes to our Shopp + Extensions. The biggest change is that they have been moved out of the Shopp menu and into their own menu:

+ Extensions for Shopp Now Have Their Own Menu

Summary of Changes to Shopp + Extensions

The Start Here page for Shopp + Extensions provides information on our projects, links to Shopp resources, and pulls in blog posts from both Optimize My Shopp and Shopp 101.

We have removed all the walk-through videos for each plugin since these were rarely viewed.

Email marketing plugins received a link to our tutorial on how to generate a list of existing customers who have opted in to email marketing. This is useful if you are adding an email marketing integration to an existing store.

We’ve also fixed some issues related to grammar.

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