WordPress Consulting


Hi there! My name is Lorenzo and through Shopp 101 I offer select consulting services for WordPress & Shopp.

How can we help you today?

Here are some examples of value created this year:

  1. ✓ Customized Shopp theme and content templates
  2. ✓ Installed and configured Shopp on a new WordPress site
  3. ✓ Audited an existing WordPress website and made recommendations for speeding it up
  4. ✓ Installed and configured Shopp addons (e.g. Stripe, FirstData, Authorizenet, FedEx, USPS)
  5. ✓ Migrated a website running WordPress to a different webhost
  6. ✓ Upgraded Shopp to the current version (e.g. Shopp to Shopp 1.3.9)
  7. ✓ Created video tutorials on how to use Shopp

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What is it like to work with us?

We ask a lot of questions to ensure that we are a good fit for working together. Here are a few of them:

  1. Tell me a little about why you’re looking to start this project?
  2. When are you looking to get started?
  3. What business goals do you have in mind after this project has been successfully completed?

We communicate often and you might even receive a reply during the weekends.

We work efficiently and most projects are delivered ahead of schedule.

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